Welcome to The International Society for Zinc Biology (ISZB)

Category : ISZB | News Posted on 2023-01-16 15:32:10
Welcome to The International Society for Zinc Biology (ISZB)

Dear biologists studying essential trace elements,

 The International Society for Zinc Biology (ISZB) was founded in 2007, as a nonprofit organization. Our driving goal is to bring together scientists from a diversity of fields with a common interest in the structural, biochemical, genetic and physiological aspects of zinc biology. Membership is open to scientists, students, physicians, regulators, sponsors, and any other professionals from any nation interested in zinc biology.

The society will organize and support meetings to encourage exchange of information. We strongly believe that the ISZB will embrace all the voices present in the field, and aims to encourage and sustain the growth of zinc biology research.

The fiscal year 2023 of ISZB just started from January 2023, so it will be a chance to get benefits by becoming a member of ISZB, now!

ISZB Membership fees for the year 2023 are $100 for regular members.

Membership for Early stage researcher (ESRs) are $60.

Students are free of charge.

Click here to Pay 2023 Dues: https://www.zinc-net.com/ISZB.html#membership

From January 1st 2022, The Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology, JTEMB (ELSEVIER), became our official journal!

ISZB members enjoy the following benefits!

  1. Articles being free of charge
  2. Discounted subscription fee for members (Member rate of EUR 40.50 per year)
  3. No submission charge by authors.

If you are not sure about your payment -- let me know (iszb.org@gmail.com).

Best regards,

Toshiyuki Fukada, ISZB-President