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    Adrian Dubock PhD is Swiss and British, with public and private sector experience, as a farmer and a range of international agri-business responsibilities.
    • 2000: proposed and negotiated the architecture of the Golden Rice project. Still works to bring the humanitarian not-for-profit vision to fruition.
    • 2008-14: Advisory Board of the Institute of Advances Studies, Freiburg University, Germany
    • 2013: Recognised personally by Scientific American World View for bringing philanthropy to industry.
    • 2015: Collected from the White House a Patents for Humanity Award, for the Golden Rice Project.
    • 2016: Participated in a WHO/FAO consultation on micronutrient biofortification.
    • 2016: Joined the Board of the Borlaug Training Foundation.

    Micronutrient biofortification was recognised by the World Food Prize 2016. Having avoided mention of ‘gmo’s’ to obtain funding, Harvest Plus now acknowledges that they have only been able to achieve nutrient level targets in zinc and iron using transgenesis. So called ‘conventional breeding’ was insufficient. We look forward to new techniques being used to add to Golden Rice, high Zinc and high Iron traits as well as folate, as all four micronutrients are extremely valuable for people with restricted diversity in their diets, which is often the case in rice consuming societies.