Working Group 2: Biomarker discovery

This WG will bring together nutritionists and health care professionals with biochemists and molecular biologists to develop appropriate biomarkers for zinc status to enable better identification of deficiency and toxicity and disease, especially to enable early detection of zinc related pathologies. This has been a long-term challenge in the field of zinc research, highlighted by work done by previous EU initiatives (e.g. EURECCA), that requires a multidisciplinary approach to resolve for which COST is the best platform.

  • Use Zinc-net as a platform for collaborative research on:
  • Standardising methodologies and chemicals.
  • Developing a list for primers and share experience (trouble shooting).
  • Sharing material from human as well as animal experiments, cell-lines.
  • Facilitate training on new and emerging technologies which may provide a novel approach to biomarker discovery.
  • Liaise with BOND and co-ordinate joint workshops.
  • Work with WG4 to engage industrial partners to find novel solutions.

WG 2 Leader:   Professor Elena Planells, University of Granada, Spain