About Zinc Net

Zinc Net aims to bring together all, who are interested in the role of zinc in biology. Whether you are a chemist, biologist, clinical practitioner or work in Industry, we would like to have you on board! Zinc Net is supported by a grant from the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) Office. While the funding is mainly for European countries, we would like to include as many “zincologist” in this network as possible through the Zinc Net website VIZIBI (Virtual Institute of Zinc Biology), that is currently under development. We would like to build a functional website for sharing ideas, reagents and good time together in which your help and participation is much welcome.

The 4 key objectives of Zinc Net are:

  • Defragmentation of the knowledge base across scientific, clinical and industrial partners.
  • Generation of new research ideas, collaborations and standardisation of methodologies.
  • Establishment of a web-based portal for dissemination and communication.
  • Researcher training, public outreach and communication of science.

We hope to achieve these through forming 5 work groups (WG) to which you can sign up to:

  • WG 1: Chemical Biology
  • WG 2: Biomarker discovery
  • WG 3: Clinical coordination
  • WG 4: Industrial liaison
  • WG 5: Knowledge transfer, outreach and training