Opportunity for PhD (international) PhD fellowship

The BioSys-Biological Systems, Functional & Integrative Genomics PhD Programme (PhD in Biology/Biochemistry) has opened its 2018 edition project calls (https://biosyssite.wordpress.com/) , with several projects available.


Specifically, we call your attention to the following project on Alzheimer’s Disease pathomechanisms, involving our laboratories in Lisbon (Portugal) and Limerick (Ireland)

The role of secondary modification of S100B in protein aggregation and its influence on Alzheimer’s disease pathology.
Keywords: AD; Protein aggregation, trace metals; inflammation; animal models; structural biophysics; metal-binding proteins; neuronal cell cultures; fluorescence bioimaging; biochemistry; neurodegeneration

In this project, we want to investigate the interrelationship between the S100B pro-inflammatory cytokine, trace metal homeostasis and protein aggregation in a physiological context, and in the background of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). The project will combine in vitro and in vivo approaches and will be developed jointly at the University of Lisbon (Portugal) and University of Limerick (Ireland) under the joint supervision of active supervisors in dynamic laboratories which with an established collaborative track record. Selected candidate will be awarded a stipend for the duration of the PhD.

Project Supervisors: Cláudio M. Gomes (Lisbon) and Andreas Grabrucker (Limerick)

Cláudio M. Gomes (BioISI/FCUL, Lisbon, Portugal)
Head of the Protein Folding and Misfolding Laboratory
Web: http://folding.fc.ul.pt/
E-mail: cmgomes@fc.ul.pt

Andreas Grabrucker (University of Limerick / Bernal Institute, Limerick, Ireland)
Head of the Cellular Neurobiology & Neuro-Nanotechnology Laboratory
Web: http://www.cellular-neurobiology.ie/
E-mail: andreas.grabrucker@ul.ie
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